Gastos de envío y entrega


Free Shipping Limit: 200€

Deutsche Post: 6€

DHL Parcel Connect: 20€

UPS Standard: 12€

US & Canada

DHL Express: 27$


Free Shipping Limit: 200€

Deutsche Post: 16€

UPS Standard: 6€

DHL Express: 20€


Free Shipping Limit: 200€

UPS Standard: 6€

DHL Parcel Connect: 21€

DHL Express: 20€


Free Shipping Limit: 2000 SEK

DHL Service Point: 69 SEK

Budbee: 5€


DHL Parcel Connect: 99 DKK

UPS Standard: 119 DKK

Budbee: 10€


DHL Parcel Connect: 15€

UPS Standard: 15€

Budbee: 8€

The Netherlands

Free Shipping Limit: 200€

DHL Parcel Connect: 20€

UPS Standard: 15€

Budbee: 6€


DHL Parcel Connect: 20€

UPS Standard: 17€


DHL Parcel Connect: 20€

UPS Standard: 17€


DHL Express: 27€

El resto de Europa

DHL Parcel Connect: 20€

UPS Standard: 17€

Rest of The World

DHL Express: 32€

Shipping information

We reserve the right to extend the delivery time due to customs.

The cost for shipping will be calculated at checkout. The cost for shipping depends on the chosen freight method.

All total purchase prices are excluding customs duties, import fees or any other local charges. Customs tax would be the cost of purchasing a product shipped from another country. When international customers purchase a product from us, your country may charge you customs fees on delivery.

The custom rate is calculated based on the product's declared value and shipping costs, product category, country of origin, destination country's customs duty rates and applicable trade agreements.

For orders that are unclaimed within the specified dates given for collection, the customer will be charged the shipping cost depending from what country you placed your order + an additional handling fee of €6.

For norwegian and UK customers

🇳🇴 For our Norwegian customers; We use the VOEC scheme (VAT On E-Commerce) which enables you to pay your Norwegian value-added tax (VAT) directly at the checkout. With the help of the VOEC system, we can easily declare your goods you do not have to make an import declaration. It also means that the process is accelerated, which results in faster deliveries to all Norwegian customers!

🇬🇧 Due to Brexit regulations, at the moment we are not able to ship any orders under £135 to the UK. Also please note that we are not able to handle the customs and forwarding costs that are added when we send to a non-EU country. You will be asked to pay these when picking up the package or by the driver who delivers the package to you. If you do not choose to pay these costs the package will be sent back to us and you will be charged your initial shipping fee as well as the return cost.

Alternative delivery address

In order to get delivery to another address, it makes a lot easier for us if you indicate it at the check out.

Klarna's terms (only when paid with Klarna Invoice or Account) require us to deliver the order to an address on which you are registered.

Delivery to minors

Without permission from legal guardian, we do not deliver to persons under the age of 18.